So, what makes Amana Group different?

Why is Amana Group exceptional, is how enthusiastic we are about helping develop your business, how really we take care of our ventures, how we believe every merchandise to be a work of art instead of only a commodity. We’ll try to always supply you with aggressive, diverse, and flexible sourcing options at competitive rates, tailored to your ever-changing client requirements. It’s not just that we run industry-leading Technical & Compliance, Merchandising, Product & Design teams, or that we’re trusted associates to over 100 completely compliant factories in addition to famous brands internationally. It’s not simply because we deliver in time, or that our quality is excellent, or that we’re a totally transparent forward-thinking company associate. It’s not just that we’re the one-stop alternative offering an assortment of merchandise.


We live by the “Spirit of One” and believe in “Passion for Perfection”.


Product Goal

Our enthusiasm for the item is what continually drives and motivates us. Amana Group has taken steps to innovate sustainable low impact materials to decrease the environmental impact of our products. Our innovation team are constantly working with subject matter experts and industry consultants to develop with newest solutions and fit for function proposals.

Environmental Goal

Amana Group has committed to continuous environmental improvement both in our sourcing operations in addition to cooperation with our sellers. We associate with providers dedicated to eco obligation and spend in house ecological practices eg: waste reduction, environmental certificates, water & chemical direction and Renewable energy. Our compliance staff is continually assessing and upskilling our distribution chain with the most recent ethical and compliance guidelines.

Social Responsibility Goal

Amana Group has spent in developing the favorable effect on the lifestyles of individuals here in Bangladesh by working closely with providers to create best practices, drive transparency in addition to identify opportunities for positive effect through the value chain. Our CSR staff and also our own base 7 STREAMS working jointly with brands and suppliers for jobs in Bangladesh.

Social compliance goals and objectives

The goal of social compliance is to create a significant improvement within factory complex, along with the stake holders and community through a strong commitment to implement required criteria’s that cover at every stage in sustainability journey.
The objective of social compliance is to protect or expunction employees and local community’s well-being by collectively implementation of local law, rules & regulation on Recruitment & hiring, Working hour condition, Compensation & Benefits, workers involvement, how we treat with workers, Health & Safety issues, Performance Management System, Community impact, Engagement, Transparency and Environmental safety accordingly.

Environmental Policy

  • Stimulating and improving traditional manufacturing process to ensure environmental sustainability.
  • Continually integrating and developing environmentally more acceptable product with economical way.
  • žMinimizing wastages and conserving resources such as water, energy, oils, chemicals, dyes and paper.
  • Compliance with relevant Rules & Regulations.
  • Keeping EMS alive through review of environmental objectives and targets.
  • Maintaining net & clean working environment.