Amana Group Child Care Facilities – Nurturing Tomorrow’s Future

At Amana Group, we understand the importance of creating a supportive and inclusive workplace for our employees. To address the unique needs of working parents, we proudly offer on-site child care facilities, providing a safe and enriching environment for the children of our workers.

Child Care Amenities:

  1. Safe and Secure Environment:

    • Our child care facilities are designed with safety as the top priority. We maintain a secure and monitored area to ensure a worry-free environment for both parents and children.
  2. Qualified Caretakers:

    • Amana Group employs qualified and experienced caretakers who are dedicated to providing attentive care to the children. Our team is trained to create a nurturing atmosphere that fosters learning and play.
  3. Entertainment and Educational Toys:

    • The child care area is equipped with a variety of toys that are both entertaining and educational. This ensures that children engage in activities that contribute to their cognitive and social development.
  4. Television and Multimedia:

    • Children have access to age-appropriate television programs and multimedia content. This allows for a well-rounded and enjoyable experience during their time at the child care facility.
  5. Structured Activities:

    • Our caretakers organize structured activities that promote creativity, teamwork, and learning. These activities are tailored to different age groups to ensure a stimulating and enjoyable experience for each child.
  6. Flexible Hours:

    • We understand the dynamic nature of work, and thus, our child care facilities offer flexible hours to accommodate the diverse schedules of our workforce. Parents can focus on their tasks with peace of mind, knowing their children are well-cared-for nearby.
  7. Parental Involvement:

    • We encourage parents to actively participate in their child’s experience at the on-site child care facility. Regular updates and open communication channels ensure that parents are informed and engaged in their child’s well-being.
  8. Health and Safety Standards:

    • Amana Group adheres to strict health and safety standards in the child care facilities. Regular inspections and hygiene protocols are in place to create a clean and healthy environment.

Our on-site child care facilities at Amana Group exemplify our commitment to supporting the holistic well-being of our employees. By providing a nurturing space for children, we contribute to the work-life balance of our workers, fostering a workplace that values and prioritizes family.

We have a child daycare center in our factory premises is a facility specifically designed to provide childcare services for the children of employees who work in our factory. It offers a safe and nurturing environment where parents can leave their children while they are at work.

Here are some more details of a child daycare center on our factory premises: 

Location and Space: The daycare center is located on the Ground floor within the factory premises. The space is designed to accommodate the needs of young children, with dedicated play areas, learning spaces, sleeping areas, and appropriate facilities.


Safety and Security: Ensuring the safety and security of children is a top priority in our daycare center. The premises are childproofed, and measures such as secure entry and exit points, surveillance camera systems, and strict access control are applied to prevent unauthorized individuals from entering.


Qualified Staff: Our daycare center is staffed with well-trained and experienced childcare professionals who have expertise in early childhood education and development. They are on duty for the well-being, supervision, and education of the children.


Age Groups: The daycare center typically caters to children ranging from infants to preschool-aged, depending on the specific arrangements made by the factory.


Educational and Recreational Activities: our daycare center provides a variety of educational and recreational activities that promote the cognitive, social, and physical development of children. These activities include storytelling, arts and crafts, music, outdoor play, and age-appropriate learning experiences.


Nutrition and Meals: The daycare center provides balanced meals and snacks for the children, ensuring they receive proper nutrition during their stay.


Nap Times: For younger children, designated areas are provided for napping and resting. Our daycare center ensures a comfortable and quiet environment for children to rest and play.


Health and Safety: Our daycare center maintains strict health and safety protocols. This includes regular cleaning and disinfection, proper handwashing practices, and adherence to health and safety regulations. Potentially we have a nurse & medical facility in our factory premises to handle emergencies or provide first aid.


Operational Hours: The daycare center operates during the working hours of the factory, aligning with the employees’ schedules.


Our daycare center on the factory premises is highly beneficial for both employees and the company. It helps our employees to focus on their work while knowing their children are in a safe and nurturing environment.