Message from MD

Managing Director-Amana Group

We had
started our journey
with few machinery and human resources in the apparel business in 1996. After more than a decade Amana Group and its sister concerns have evolved and combined into one of the leading 100% export oriented ready made knit garments manufacturing companies in Bangladesh.Our sincere response to the challenges of the economy for private sector provides major stimulus for phenomenal growth of the company.We emphasis on business ethics for full customer satisfaction through world-class technology, quality and service.To meet the global needs it is imperative to attain the highest standards of our products.Quality is the hallmark of every thing we do.Our efficient human resources are trying to maintain the quality, standard and customer satisfaction through Research and Development.We always work together with customers to understand their changing needs and requirements with innovative products that are affordable to the greatest number of the people.

We are very conscious of environment issues and the greenhouse effect and we fulfil our business mission in the right way that will not be harmful to the delicate world in which we live.

We have knitting, dyeing and ready made knit manufacturing plant launched with world leading machines towards meeting the demands of 21st Century.We are using state-of-the-art technology and stringent quality control is committed to produce all kinds of knit garments of all ages of the highest possible quality and consistency.We work only to meet market lemand and satisfaction to our valued customer world wide.We meet international standards and strongly meet the delivery or. lead time.

We have plans to continue the expansion of new prestigious industries for some economic development of the country and to enter into the global markets in the 21st Century with our modern technologies and new management strategy.

We are trying to ensure safety, security and better standard of living of our workers and employees.We firmly believe, without an economically secure life,the quality and skill of human resources can not be developed up to the mark. At the same time, our philosophy is also to improve skill and quality of life of our workers and common people of our country.

We will do our best to build the future for the benefits of all people.


Thank You,


Khandakar Shaheen Ibrahim
Managing Director
Amana Group