Pioneering Excellence in Knitting Division

Our Knitting Division stands as a beacon of innovation in the textile industry, embodying a commitment to quality and cutting-edge technology. As a 100% Export Oriented Composite Knitting factory, we boast state-of-the-art machinery that places us at the forefront of textile manufacturing.

Key Features:

  1. Machinery of Latest Technology: Our knitting division is equipped with brand new, high-quality 4-track single jersey & rib-interlock circular knitting machines sourced from Taiwan. These cutting-edge machines ensure precision and efficiency in our production processes.

  2. Production Capacity: With a remarkable production capacity of approximately 125 tons per month, we demonstrate our dedication to meeting the demands of a dynamic market.

  3. Versatile Fabric Range: Our knitting division produces a diverse range of fabrics to cater to various industry needs. From Single Jersey and Heavy Jersey to Pique, Lacoste, Rib, Interlock, French Terry, Feeder Stripe, Slab Fabrics, Slab with Lycra, and Fleece, we cover the spectrum of knitting possibilities.

  4. Detailed Machinery List:

    • FUKAHAMA and JIUNN LONG knitting machines of various diameters and gauges.
    • The inclusion of 18-RIB / 24-INT machines for added versatility.
    • Computerized Automatic Flat Collar Machines with plain and semi-jacquard double heads.
  5. Advanced Collar and Cuff Production: Our knitting division employs computerized automatic flat collar machines, ensuring precision in the production of all kinds of collars, cuffs, bottoms, and flat ribs. This advanced technology allows for efficient and high-quality output.

Machinery Highlights:

  • FUKAHAMA and JIUNN LONG knitting machines are carefully selected for their reliability and performance.
  • Computerized automatic flat collar machines, sourced from KAUO HENG in Taiwan, showcase our commitment to advanced manufacturing.

Quality Assurance: Stringent quality control measures are integrated into every step of the knitting process. Our team ensures that each fabric produced meets the highest standards of durability, texture, and color consistency.

Challenges and Solutions: In an ever-evolving industry, challenges are met with proactive solutions. Our skilled team navigates complexities, ensuring that the knitting division operates seamlessly, delivering superior products consistently.

AMANA KNITTEX LTD.’s Knitting Division is a testament to our dedication to innovation, precision, and versatility. Through cutting-edge technology and a commitment to quality, we continue to set new standards in the world of textile manufacturing.

Knitting Division Overview

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