Welcome to Amana Group
We are 100% Export Oriented Knit Composite Industry
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Welcome To Amana Group

Amana Knittex LTD. started the journey in 1996 with few machinery and human resources and began exporting in 1997.

Locate in Narayanganj, 35 km away from Dhaka International Airport.

From the beginning, Amana has been maintaining all the consistency in producing 100% exportable quality knit garments. Moreover, productivity is rising at a growth rate to maintain all the standards of a compliance factory.

The vision of Amana is to be the best garments manufacturing industry in this region & the mission is to produce garments by assuring all the pre-requisite of buyers.
Amana Knittex Ltd. was awarded the Oeko-Tex 100 Standard, Business Social Compliance Initiative (BSCI), British Assessment Bureau(BAB), ISO 9001:2015 Certificate, so it has Emerged as a compliant and customer-focused organization.

Today after over a decade of progression,  Amana is a pointer of the textile industry of Bangladesh and the prime choice of many foreign retailers. The sky is the limit for Amana.

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Our production capacity t-shirt=20,000 pcs per day. Polo shirt and fancy item=10,000 pcs per day. Our total factory area is 1,30,000 sq. ft. Our total number of machinery is 600 ft. Our Range of production T-shirts, polo shirts, tank tops, long pants, short pants, briefs boxer, fleece jackets, boys and kind-ware, ladies-wear with stones, studs, sequences, embroidery works, and other knit Items of all ages and genders. Our range of fabrics is Single jersey, S/j with Lycia alternate/full feeder, heavy jersey, pique, lactose, rib, rib with Lycia, interlock, French terry feeder stripe, slub fabrics, slub with Lycia preached finish, etc.

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