Prayer Room

Prayer Facility at Amana Group – Fostering Spiritual Well-being

At Amana Group, we understand the importance of nurturing not only professional growth but also the spiritual well-being of our employees. As a testament to our commitment to inclusivity and cultural sensitivity, we are proud to offer a dedicated prayer facility, a serene haven for our Muslim colleagues to observe their daily prayers.

Facility Highlights:

  1. Masjid Design: Our prayer facility, a beautifully designed Masjid, reflects the values of peace and unity. The architecture and interior create a tranquil atmosphere, providing a space for reflection and connection with the divine.

  2. Prayer Times Convenience: The prayer facility is strategically located within the premises, ensuring easy accessibility for our Muslim employees. It accommodates the five daily prayers, allowing individuals to observe their religious duties without disrupting their work commitments.

  3. Inclusive Environment: The prayer facility is open to all employees, fostering an inclusive environment where individuals from diverse backgrounds can come together to practice their faith in harmony. It stands as a symbol of our respect for religious diversity within the Amana Group family.

  4. Ablution Area: Adjacent to the prayer hall, we provide a dedicated area for ablution (wudu), allowing individuals to perform the ritual cleansing before prayers comfortably. This thoughtful addition ensures that our colleagues have the necessary facilities to observe their religious practices.

  5. Cultural Sensitivity: Amana Group recognizes the significance of religious practices and celebrations. The prayer facility is part of our broader commitment to accommodating cultural and religious needs, promoting an inclusive workplace that respects and celebrates diversity.

  6. Community Support: The Masjid serves not only as a place of worship but also as a gathering space for the Muslim community within Amana Group. It provides an opportunity for colleagues to connect, share experiences, and strengthen their sense of community.

As part of our dedication to the holistic well-being of our employees, the prayer facility at Amana Group reflects our core values of respect, inclusivity, and understanding. We believe that by providing a space for spiritual reflection and prayer, we contribute to a workplace that values the diverse identities and needs of our team members.

Location: The Masjid is located on the factory premises on the 1st floor.

Design and Architecture: The Masjid’s design on available space. The design reflects the aesthetic principles of Islamic architecture.

Prayer Facilities: The main prayer hall has 6 Qatar spaces for employees. Each Qatar contains 25 people to perform their prayers comfortably. A total number of 150 people can take Namaz at the same time.