Amana Group Canteen - Nourishing Body and Community

At Amana Group, we prioritize the well-being of our employees, recognizing that a nourished workforce is a productive one. Our dedicated canteen facilities are designed to cater to the diverse tastes and preferences of our team, providing a comfortable space for both employees and workers to refuel and recharge.

Canteen Services:

  1. Snacks and Beverages:

    • A variety of snacks, including biscuits, cakes, and tea, are available throughout the day for quick energy boosts.
    • Refreshing soft drinks provide a delightful break during work hours.
  2. Lunch Options:

    • Our canteen proudly offers a well-balanced and nutritious lunch menu for employees. The menu is designed to provide diverse meal options to suit various dietary preferences.
    • The lunch service includes a range of delicious and wholesome meals prepared with the highest standards of hygiene and quality.
  3. Separate Dining Spaces:

    • To ensure a comfortable dining experience, we have designated separate spaces for male and female employees. This promotes a relaxed atmosphere for enjoying meals and fosters a sense of privacy and comfort.
  4. Community Gathering:

    • The canteen serves as a central hub for employees and workers to come together during breaks. It’s a space where colleagues can connect, share ideas, and build a stronger sense of community.
  5. Hygiene and Safety:

    • We adhere to strict hygiene and safety standards in the preparation and serving of food. The canteen is regularly inspected to maintain cleanliness and ensure the well-being of our workforce.
  6. Flexible Breaks:

    • Employees have the flexibility to take breaks at their convenience, allowing for a customized and comfortable workday routine.
  7. Menu Diversity:

    • Our canteen menu is thoughtfully crafted to include a variety of options, catering to different tastes and dietary requirements. This diversity ensures that everyone can find a meal that suits their preferences.
  8. Employee Feedback:

    • We actively seek and value feedback from our employees regarding the canteen services. This helps us continuously improve and tailor our offerings to the evolving needs of our dynamic workforce.

The Amana Group Canteen is more than just a place to eat; it’s a hub for social interaction, relaxation, and the promotion of a healthy work-life balance. By providing diverse and nutritious food options in a comfortable environment, we aim to contribute to the overall well-being and satisfaction of our valued team members.

A canteen in factory premises is a designated area within the factory where employees can gather to have meals and refreshments during their working hours. It serves as a convenient and accessible place for workers to take a break, socialize, and replenish their energy.

Here are some more details about our canteen on the factory premises:

1. Location: The canteen is usually located within the factory premises on the Mezzanine 6th floor, making it easily accessible to all employees.

2. Size and Layout: The size of the canteen is 2388 sq. ft. The layout includes benches, chairs, tables,  and a counter for quick service.

3. Hygiene and Safety: Maintaining cleanliness and hygiene is of most importance in our canteen. The canteen has proper ventilation, lighting, and waste disposal systems in place to ensure a safe and comfortable environment for our employees.

4. Food Preparation: The canteen has its own kitchen for preparing food where meals are cooked.

5. Menu and Catering: The canteen offers a menu that caters to the preferences and dietary requirements of the employees. It includes a variety of dishes, snacks, and beverages. Special attention is given to offering balanced and nutritious meals. Our canteen also provides catering services for events or special occasions within the factory.

6. Timings: The canteen operates during the working hours of the factory, typically aligned with designated break times. Our 1.5 hours lunchtime ensures that employees have enough time to take their meals and return to work on time.

7. Payment and discounts: The canteen operates a cash-based payment system, where employees pay for their food. Our canteen offer discounts to make the food more affordable for our employees.

8. Rules and Regulations: WE have some rules and regulations within the canteen premises to maintain discipline and order. These include guidelines related to cleanliness, noise levels, smoking restrictions, and proper use of the facilities.

9. Social Space: The canteen serves as a social hub where employees from various departments and roles can interact and build relationships. It fosters a sense of community and can contribute to employee morale and well-being.

Overall, our factory canteen plays a crucial role in providing a convenient and comfortable space for employees to meet their dietary needs, relax, and recharge during their work hours.