Finishing Division

AMANA KNITTEX LTD. – Elevating Excellence in Finishing Division

In the pursuit of perfection, Amana Knittex Ltd. places paramount importance on the Finishing Division. This crucial phase ensures that each garment meets the highest standards of quality, presentation, and attention to detail. Our Finishing Division is equipped with a comprehensive array of advanced machinery sourced from reputable origins like Japan and Taiwan.

Key Features:

  1. Thread Cleaning Precision: The Finishing Division takes meticulous care of every detail, starting with thread cleaning. Five sets of cutting-edge Thread Cleaners guarantee that the final product is free from any imperfections, ensuring a polished and refined appearance.
  2. Cutting-edge Thread Cutting: The division boasts 24 sets of Thread Cutters, delivering precision in every snip. This meticulous process ensures that threads are seamlessly integrated into the fabric, contributing to the overall durability and aesthetics of the garment.
  3. Spotless Presentation with Spot Removers: Our commitment to a flawless finish is evident in the deployment of five sets of Spot Removers. This technology ensures that any imperfections or marks are meticulously addressed, contributing to the pristine presentation of the final product.
  4. Efficient Heating Solutions: Amana Knittex Ltd. invests in efficient heating solutions with both Gas and Electric Boilers. This guarantees optimal temperature control throughout the finishing process, ensuring that fabrics are treated with care and precision.
  5. Precision Ironing with Steam Iron Tables: The division features 50 sets of Steam Iron Tables, providing the perfect canvas for meticulous ironing. This step not only contributes to the polished appearance of the garments but also ensures that they are wrinkle-free and ready for distribution.
  6. Quality Assurance with Metal Detectors: Amana Knittex Ltd. prioritizes quality assurance with the inclusion of two sets of Metal Detectors. This final check ensures that each garment is free from any foreign materials, aligning with our commitment to delivering only the highest quality products.

Total Installed Machineries: 92 Sets

Challenges and Solutions: The Finishing Division faces challenges related to maintaining consistency in thread cutting, spot removal, and ensuring that each garment meets the highest quality standards. Our skilled team employs a combination of advanced technology and meticulous craftsmanship to overcome these challenges.

Quality Assurance: The Finishing Division is the last line of defense in ensuring that each garment leaving our facilities is a masterpiece. Rigorous quality checks, from thread cleaning to metal detection, contribute to our commitment to delivering garments of unparalleled quality.

Amana Knittex Ltd.’s Finishing Division is where precision meets perfection. Through advanced machinery and a skilled team, we ensure that each garment is a testament to our dedication to quality, making a lasting impression in the world of textiles.