Innovating Excellence in Print Division

Our Print Division stands as a beacon of innovation, boasting a 100% Export Oriented Composite Print factory armed with the latest technologies and machinery. With a remarkable production capacity of 20,000 pieces per day and 500,000 pieces per month, our print capabilities are as diverse as they are prolific.

Key Features:

  1. Product Diversity: The Print Division at AMANA KNITTEX LTD. thrives on diversity. We specialize in various types of print, ensuring a versatile range of products to meet every client’s unique needs.

  2. Innovative Print Categories: Our repertoire includes an extensive array of print categories, each executed with precision and creativity. From Flock Print and Rubber Print to Digital CMYK Print, Hi-Density Print, and Vinyl Reflective Print, we cover the spectrum of printing possibilities.

  3. Advanced Machinery: With a comprehensive suite of advanced machinery, including ready bed tables, flat bed printing tables, heat machines for sticker print, auto print machines, flock machines, and more, our Print Division is equipped to handle the intricacies of various printing techniques.

Categories of Print:

  • Flock Print
  • Rubber Print
  • Digital CMYK Print
  • Hi-Density Print
  • Sami Rubber Print
  • Caviar Print
  • Discharge Print
  • Photo Print
  • Sublimation Print
  • Pigment Print
  • All Over Print
  • 3D Rubber Print
  • Foil Print
  • Vinyl Reflective Print
  • Glittering Print
  • Fabrics Embossed Print
  • Ambush Print
  • Heat Transfer Sticker Print
  • Vinyl Laser Cut/Plotter Cut Print

Installed Machineries:

  • Ready Bed Table: 650 sets
  • Flat Bed Printing Table (60 feet): 7 sets
  • Heat Machine for Sticker Print: 12 sets
  • Auto Print Machine (14 color): 1 set
  • Ready Table (Glass): 100 sets
  • Belt Curing Machine: 1 set
  • Hydraulics Machine: 3 sets
  • Flock Machine: 5 sets
  • Generator (England) 15 KW: 1 set

Challenges and Solutions:

The Print Division encounters challenges inherent in the dynamic world of printing. From color consistency to intricate design execution, our skilled team thrives on overcoming challenges through innovation, ensuring that each print meets the highest standards.

AMANA KNITTEX LTD.’s Print Division is a testament to our commitment to pushing the boundaries of creativity and technology. Through an extensive array of print categories and state-of-the-art machinery, we continue to redefine the possibilities in textile printing, delivering vibrant, detailed, and high-quality products to clients worldwide.